I wish more parties went like this for me back in the day. Couple’s Porn Review: Brazzers Party Girl with Jessie Rogers

Couples Porn Reviews - Johnny talks Jessie Rogers off the couch and upstairs

“Let’s go somewhere quieter so we can talk.”
Did that line ever work?

If nerds at my school had a butt and skills like this, everybody would be in the physics club.


Jessie Rogers has Brazilian ancestry. I have met a handful of Brazilian women.

Couples Porn Reviews - Jessie Rogers in jeans

Great ass in jeans

They all have the same ass. It is glorious. It is round and solid. It defies gravity. And she is blonde. I have a significant weakness for blondes. Okay, I have a major weakness for blondes.

This is a scene from Brazzers. They have 29 sites all serving different niches. This is from the Teens Like It Big niche. Several of the niches are Couples Porn Friendly. Brazzers is a machine pumping out content updates daily now. They used to use what seemed like five guys for 90% of their scenes. They expanded their male talent pool and I find the new guys annoying. They can’t deliver a line. They look like they only 25 and have hair plugs.

Couples Porn Reviews - Jessie Rogers without jeans

Even better ass out of jeans.

They are the kind of guy you would sucker punch in a bar. But, they pump out so much content that you can avoid annoying male stars and still get your fill. Some scenes might push your boundaries and tastes. Again, with some much content to absorb, it is worth the cost.

The Scene Begins

In this scene from Brazzers, Jessie and her friend attends their first party. Johnny Sins is the popular athlete who chats her off the couch and upstairs after avoiding some attempted cockblocking by her friend.
They interrupt a threesome and kick them out of his bedroom.
“We’re just going to talk, okay” Jessie tells him. “I’m not that type of girl.”
He replies, “I know. I really like you a lot. You are so beautiful”
“Just because I don’t want to go all the way tonight doesn’t mean we can’t fool around,” she says.
She starts to get to work and when she pops him out of his pants exclaims, “Oh, my God. I have never seen a cock this big before.”

Couples Porn Review - Jessie Rogers admires a penis

Since your penis is so large, let’s have sex!

The first rule of couples porn lives!
“I’m sorry,” he says. (Have you ever apologized because your penis was too large?)
“Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if we went all the way tonight. Just promise me you’ll go slow,” she asks.
“I promise.”
And she gets down to work.


Couples Porn Reviews - Johnny gives it to Jessie Rogers
Jessie’s implants do not always look the best on film. Sometimes they look like over-inflated cheap volleyballs with nipples. Her breasts look great in this scene. Some bounce and movement. There was no prolonged shot of the implant seam, scars, and or muscle/implant division.
The costuming and plot were excellent and delivered this into couples porn territory. She had a great plain white matching bra and panty set. The Converse shoes even added to the scene. Covering the labels on these things cracks me up every time.

Couples Porn Review - Jessie Rogers plays with her own ass

Let me play with my ass while you get to work.

Jessie is always open to ass play. There is penetration with tongue and fingers in this scene and it is still hot. Some of her anal scene are acrobatic. My wife will respond to some ass play and some anal in our porn. Gaping and rectal prolapse are not inspiring or attractive to her. In this scene Jessie shows that some ass play can push you over the edge and into greater pleasure.

The Rest of the Scene

Couples porn review - Jessie Rogers likes standing doggie

I am limber and this headboard makes a great footrest.

Jessie and Johnny click in this scene with great chemistry. It was great couples porn. It reminded me of those young hook ups in my past. I’ll pretend my wife was only taken back to young hook ups with me.
They work through several positions before her services for a long time before re-entering her and working to a finish. The finish is a facial but the scene is so long, my wife’s attention was elsewhere by then.

Couples Porn Reviews Presents the Trailer

Our results

Couples Porn Review - Jessie rogers demonstrates some flexibility

Let me get that foot out of the camera’s way.

How did our viewing go? I really liked it. She responded to my enthusiasm well. I think there was too much dick at the beginning and not enough servicing Jessie. By the time Jessie was being serviced, our attention had moved to each other. The scene is so long, I think we finished and recovered and Jessie was just in the middle of being serviced. And I am not criticizing my stamina with that statement. The scene is 35 minutes long.


I highly recommend this couples porn scene. Jessie Rogers and Johnny Sins have chemistry. The plot is well acted, delivered, thorough and adds to the scene. Hell I want to see the interrupted threesome with Christy Mack much less the cockblocking friend get down.

Couples porn reviews - Threesome interrupted

This should have its own scene Brazzers!!!!

It is a long, thorough scene. With the earlier stated criticism of delaying the pearl diving until the end, I still like this scene. It has great camera angles, was well-lit, and had great sound. Brazzers uses clips and stills from this scene in some of their banner ads. If it converts clicks for them, it will light fires with your partner. This is part of Brazzers’ Teens Like It Big. Some of the teen scenes I consider outside the couples porn realm but this one is great. We all remember going to parties and I wish more of them went this way for me.
I recommend this scene and I recommend the site. Brazzers is a ton of porn for the money. Try it and let me know your thoughts.

Good luck and have fun.