My trips to the beach used to be this hot and steamy. And then I had kids: Couples Porn Review of Oceanside Seduction with Brooklyn Chase

Couples Porn Reviews - Brooklyn Chase pornfidelity walk in the surf

She must be hot blooded wearing half the clothes that he is.

Brooklyn Chase is a cute brown-eyed brunette with 32 DD breasts.   Her smile and big doe eyes captivate.  She is articulate and intelligent in interviews and can deliver lines with character and conviction.  There are not many lines to deliver in this scene.  It is a romantic day at the beach, walking, playing in the surf, holding hands, hugging and kissing.  Then back to the hotel for the fun.  It is porn a couple would enjoy.


Couples Porn Reviews - Pearl Diving

Pearl diving at the edge of bed.

Pornfidelity started as a threesome site: Kelly Madison and her husband Ryan hooking up with an actress (or two or five) each scene.  Kelly Madison’s calling card is her natural 34 FF breasts.  The threesomes have given way to Ryan hooking up with an actress without his wife as much as with her.  The scenes are usually filmed at their house. This scene was filmed at a hotel.  It is a reminder that hotels should wash their bedspreads.  The behind the scenes videos at Pornfidelity are enlightening and this video’s is very interesting.  It shows tremendous chemistry between Ryan and Brooklyn. Many actresses have one appearance in the five years the Madison’s have run their sites.  Brooklyn Chase has made three appearances in the last year. I believe this is because of their chemistry and resulting viewer feedback.

The Scene Begins

Couples Porn Reviews - Brooklyn Chase modified missionary

This bed is at the perfect height for a working surface. I’ll need to stay at this hotel again.

After a few minutes of romantic couple time on the beach, Ryan and Brooklyn make it to the hotel.  Brooklyn is in a bikini with white shorts and a loose knit sweater.  She looks great.  The chemistry on the beach is great with lots of kissing and canoodling.  The hotel door shuts and the sex begins.  She sucks him hard in at least three positions including some head off the bed, looking up, sword swallowing.  I am still trying to figure out how to get my wife to try that one.


Couples Porn Reviews - Brooklyn Chase sidelying missionary

I am doing great work at the edge of this bed. My legs are starting to get tired.

There is an aggressive heat between the two of them.  There is some light choking.  Her top becomes a bridle around her neck.  Ryan is chokes some of his co-stars.  While I have wanted to choke my wife at times, we do not play with choking in our sex.  Choking annoys me but I think the annoyance is its prevalence in mainstream porn.  Sometimes I think the guy needs to choke his co-star to get off.  Is it for the scene or his ‘go to move?’

I also have complaints about the shooting angles.  Women in porn often have implants.  With the move to HD porn we see the implant scar from the around the nipple, at the underboob, or in the armpit below the pec.  With the woman in hands and knees we see the seam. With the move to 4K porn, I soon expect to read the serial number on the implant.  Brooklyn’s breasts look awful for several minutes.  AWFUL!!!!  I love her breasts but not in the first half of this scene.

The Rest of the Scene

Couples Porn Reviews - Arm Bar Doggie Style Brooklyn Chase

Going for the armbar. My wrestling background is really helping my MMA training.

They move through a number of positions and back and forth for her pleasure and his pleasure.  There was a lot of pussy eating.  My wife responds strongly to long scenes of pussy eating.  At the start, he is deep into her with his tongue and doesn’t bother to get her bikini bottoms and shorts off.  Legs folded back towards her head with pants on her calves.  It went on for such duration that my wife mentioned her legs would cramp after three or four minutes.  I said we would try it and see when she wore little shorts like Brooklyn was wearing.

The pluses for this scene, as is common on most scenes, the eye contact, the kissing, and the chemistry.

Couple's Porn Reviews - Brooklyn Chase enjoys some modified missionary

Brooklyn’s boobs are looking good at this angle.

It makes great porn for couples.  There are lots of missionary with eye contact and making out interspersed throughout the scene.  It doesn’t seem spliced in but seems transitioned in and out of naturally.

The finish was a creampie instead of a facial.  We usually don’t make it to the end of the scene.  When my wife first saw a creampie finish she said, “That’s a first.”  I did not explain that it is a niche in porn.  I think creampies are better for couples porn.

If you would like to enjoy the trailer, it is below.

Our results

How did our viewing go?  She liked it.  I liked it.  I just wish it didn’t feature so many implant seam footage.  It is distracting. I would like to see what they feel like but that is not going to happen.  It is like when a fake eyelash comes off midscene.  It disrupts the illusion.


Couples Porn Reviews - Brooklyn Chase Cowboy

She has the perfect trunk length for me to nuzzle while she does all the work.

I recommend this scene based on the chemistry.  It is solid couples porn.  This scene is somewhat thin on plot. The couple is cute together at the beach and go at like rabbits when they hit the hotel.  Many of the Madison scenes are thin on plot.  They make up for contrived plot with chemistry.  Ryan and Brooklyn have chemistry.  Watch the behind the scenes video and you will see them chatting as she fluffs him.  There are still fluffers on porn sets: it is the lead actress.  She works him to a viable erection for almost the entire behind the scene video.  This is almost recommended couples porn itself.  She enjoys working him into shape and then some.

I recommend this scene and I recommend the site.  Pornfidelity and the accompanying Teenfidelity have some great scenes and is worth the money.  Try it and let me know your thoughts.

Good luck and have fun.