Couples Porn Reviews: Jenni helps with insertion

What if people knew you watched porn? What would your boss and co-workers think or say? How would the parents of your children’s friends react?

More than 20 years ago in Saint Louis, Circuit Attorney George Peach led a crusade against the rental of porn from video stores. He demanded that video stores removed pornographic titles from their shelves and threatened prosecution if they failed to comply. Meanwhile, video store owners discussed in private the fact he was renting the very same titles that he wanted removed from the stores. It was a different time with different news cycles and different editorial judgement. The video store owners did not respond to the hypocrisy in force and largely kept their mouths shut. They lost thousands in income from the ban and did not publicize the hypocrisy. Details of his rental history emerged five years later after Peach’s arrest for soliciting sex from an undercover police officer. A long legal career and sixteen years as Circuit Attorney ended with a trial and Peach surrendering his license to practice law. The collapse of his legal career was more to do with soliciting prostitution and financial improprieties than his renting and watching porn.

Porn still provokes an emotional response from a significant segment of society. Your enjoyment of porn alone or as a couple is a private matter. How do you maintain your privacy when buying porn? Here are five steps that I take to maintain my privacy and reduce my footprint. A computer expert could find my electronic trail. Website tracking companies can piece together my electronic trail and identity. I have avoided using Tor or other anonymizing software so far but I re-evaluate that decision frequently. [click to continue…]


There are a set of rules governing behavior in couples pornographic films. These rules do not apply to life outside of couples porn or seem to exist where I live. Attempts to replicate these rules in public can result in incarceration and registration on numerous databases. My sociological and anthropological background led me to study and document these rules to benefit society.

Rule #1: That Is A Big Penis

Couples Porn Review - Jessie Rogers admires a penis

“I’ve never seen one so large before…”

“My, what a large penis you have. I am suddenly overcome with desire and want to have sex.” [click to continue…]


Couple’s porn is pornography that couple’s enjoy together to get in the mood and get the sex happening. Not all porn is couple’s porn. But we’ll discuss the different types of porn in future articles.
A Little Part of Me Box Cover

Does it work?

Repeated studies have shown that watching pornography stimulates men’s and women’s sexual arousal. Many studies with internal investigation and measurement demonstrate increased vaginal lubrication and increased blood flow to vaginas and penises while watching porn even when the subject reported no impact. [click to continue…]


A Good Instructional Film to Start With: Penny Flame’s Expert Guide to Hand Jobs for Men and Women

What is a great film to break the ice and start watching couple’s porn with your wife? Penny Flame’s Expert Guide to Hand Jobs for Men and Women from Vivid-Ed is my first recommendation

Penny Flame's Expert Guide to Hand Jobs for Men and WomenThe hand job is often derided for its place in early sexual activity. Getting a little tug from your wife or finger banging her can can seem juvenile but it can be a powerful tool in a couple’s sexual toolbox and technique inventory. I think my wife was scared off of hand jobs for years after seeing a John Stewart special. He joked about his girlfriend starting a hand job. “Now you are messing with the MASTER!!!!” How could a woman’s hand job ever compare to the way we rape ourselves during masturbation? This video will show you how and spark some communication, groping, tugging, and rubbing. [click to continue…]


The best couple’s porn is what gets you both going. It makes you laugh. It makes you smile. It gives you ideas. It sparks conversation, discussion, and communication. The best couple’s porn gets both of you horny and gets the sex started. The pages on this website and its sister site,, are my reviews and experience and advice. I have spent the money, watched the videos, tried some of them with the wife, and am here giving you the benefit of that experience. I hope you enjoy it.

Good luck and have fun.
Charlie Wantsum