Massage Porn at its best: Couples Porn Review of Gracie Glam’s First Rub from TeenFidelity

Couples Porn Reviews - Gracie Glam gets some service on the bed

Her mom bought her the massage but I don’t think this is she had in mind.

Gracie Glam’s mother has bought her a massage from the Madison’s. She is 19 and bouncing back from a break up. Her mom thought this would help relax her but the Madison’s have something else in mind. Can Gracie handle what the Madison’s want to give her?


Couples Porn Reviews - Gracie Glam and Kelly Madison

A study in contrasting body types: Young Hot and Mature Hot

This scene is from TeenFidelity. It is a sister site to PornFidelity. I consider both sites porn for couples. A scene now and then might push your boundaries but most of the scenes have worked well for my wife and I so far. PornFidelity started as a threesome site: Kelly Madison and her husband Ryan hooking up with an actress (or two or five) each scene. Kelly Madison’s calling card is her natural 34 FF breasts. The threesomes have given way to Ryan hooking up with an actress without his wife as much as with her. TeenFidelity is Ryan or Ryan and Kelly sexing up teenagers. The scenes are usually filmed at their house. The behind the scenes episodes of each scene are enlightening. They greatest thing shown is the chemistry between the participants. I realize the sex is acting and for pay. In many of the scenes on their websites, the chemistry is fantastic and the resulting scene benefits from it. Some of the actresses on TeenFidelity you recognize and some had short-lived careers in porn. The interesting thing is seeing actresses moving from TeenFidelity to PornFidelity. Have their skills improved and changed? Bodies matured and developed? At least it interests me.

The Porn for Couples Scene Begins

Couples Porn Reviews - Ryan enters Gracie in modified doggie style

Isn’t this a difficult angle for penetration?

Gracie Glam gets on a robe and asks for both a male and female masseuse. “Both?” Kelly says that is an odd request but they can make it happen for a special client. She hops on the table and they cover her ass with a towel folded up to small washcloth size. This always gets a laugh from my wife and me. The Madison’s do use sheets for the massage, though. Is it too much to ask that they use a sheet when filming massage porn? Oil all over a table is a bitch to clean and can ruin the vinyl.

Couples Porn Review Criticism

Couples Porn Reviews - Gracie squeezes Kelly's breast while they both ride Ryan

Honk! Honk!

I’ll interrupt the scene description with the awkward questions that Kelly asks during the Massage. “Do you have a boyfriend?” “Did you have sexual intercourse?” “Are you planning on having sexual intercourse in the future?” “We need to massage the walls of your vagina.” What the fuck? I know the whole thing is fake. Campy and corny I can handle and even look forward to seeing. Creepy questions with no warm up would freak anybody receiving a massage out. I consider massage porn to play on the fantasy of momentum. Once the touching begins it snowballs into a handjob and happy ending and then into penetrative sex. If you start a massage by slapping her face with your erect penis, the massage is probably over before it begins. Maybe some relationship building questions got cut in the edit but the jump to have you had sex was abrupt and creepy.

The Porn for Couples Scene Continues

Couples Porn Reviews - Gracie fucks Ryan in modified reverse cowgirl

Gracie fucks back hard

The massage continues moves to some handjobbing on Gracie Glam and Ryan’s dick comes out. Kelly gives him a few strokes to get him hard enough for penetration and he climbs up on the table straddling Gracie. He slides right in. I don’t consider this doggie style while she is lying flat but I lack the proper term for it. In my experience, this position is not comfortable for the woman. Gracie lifts her hips and they start fucking in doggie style.

Couples Porn Reviews - Gracie works the ball while Kelly works the shaft

Nobody complains about this kind of double team.

Ryan pulls out and walks to Gracie’s head for some blow job action. Kelly works Gracie over and tries to stay involved. Ryan lies down on the table and the women take turns in cowgirl. Soon Kelly is riding Ryan in cowgirl while Ryan is eating Gracie. Gracie spins around and works Ryan in reverse cowgirl while leaning forward. Traditional reverse cowgirl is such a bullshit porn position. It is great position to shoe unobstructed penetration but it has not worked in my life. It is very effortful for the woman and doesn’t give enough juice for the squeeze. The lean forward reverse cowgirl give the same great view of penetration. In this scene, as in my life, Gracie actively fucks him and does it comfortably. Instead of it being a 10 minute leg workout. I need to get my wife in this position more often.

Couples Porn Reviews - Gracie watches as Ryan bangs Kelly

Kelly gets some penile attention

Kelly pulls Gracie from the massage table and massage room to the bedroom asking her to eat her out. Gracie services Kelly until Ryan joins them. The bed gives them more surface area to work as a threesome. Ryan works the edge of the bed and fucks them both. Kelly gets a lot more attention here versus on the massage table. Her natural tits really move and flop as Ryan gives it to her. Can you get a black eye if your massive breast clocks you in the face?

Ryan works to a furious finish with some help from Kelly and Gracie by handjob and blow job. Ryan finishes on Gracie’s face and the scene ends.

Our Results

Couples Porn Reviews - Gracie Glam gets some service on the bed

Gracie gets some dicking on the bed.

This scene got the job done. Massage porn usually works for my wife. Sometimes it doesn’t but there was no problem today. Gracie Glam has a normal, natural body and my wife likes seeing natural actresses in her porn for couples. Gracie has some quality about her that I have trouble describing. Maybe she reminds me of women in my past that I wish I had made a run at or tagged. Maybe it is her confidence and aggressive fucking back. I have never seen her as a passive participant, she fucks back.


Couples Porn Reviews - Almost the cum shot Gracie Glam

And now for the big finish!?!?!?!

My wife and I liked this scene. There was an awkward conversation about whether Kelly Madison’s tits are real (yes they are) and how I knew that. “How much porn are you watching without me?” My wife focused more on Gracie Glam and her normal, natural body. She is an enthusiastic girl and fucks back hard. The reasons why she has had some success and longevity in her career are all evident in this scene. Try it with your partner and see if you achieve the same results. Check out TeenFidelity.

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