Don’t forget Mother’s Day when your mom is hot and horny. Couples Porn Review of Julia Ann in Brazzers Happy MILF’s Day.


Couples Porn Review of Brazzers Happy MILF’s Day with Julia Ann

Couples Porn Review - Julia Ann Smothers Xander with her cleavage

Death by cleavage would be an interesting way to die.

Julia Ann has an ingrate for a son. He moves out of her house at 18 and into an apartment with Xander Corvus. Julia Ann’s son has three problems: she is hot, has a sexual appetite, and he forgot Mother’s Day. When he forgets Mother’s Day she gets pissed and decides to get even. At that moment the best way of getting even is fucking his roommate Xander Corvus.


0438This is a scene from Brazzers. They have 29 sites all serving different niches. This is from the Mommy Got Boobs niche. Several of the niches are Couples Porn Friendly. Mommy Got Boobs is very much couples porn with its mom I’d like to fuck (MILF) core. Brazzers is a machine pumping out content updates daily now. This scene features Julia Ann and her spectacular MILF assets. Providing the penis in this scene is Xander Corvus. He usually annoys the piss out of me. He was not annoying in this scene. He plays the role of piece of meat in the cage of a hungry and playful cougar. This was a great couples porn scene.

The Porn for Couples Scene Begins

The opening scene establishes the three characters: Julia Ann as mother that still likes to fuck, her son as a low-level player moving out with his buddy, and Xander Corvus as the buddy who adores Julia’s tits.

Couples porn review - Xander eats Julia Ann's pussy

The sheet on the couch just happened to be there.

When the son does not call her on Mother’s Day, Julia Ann is pissed, very pissed. She calls and he doesn’t answer. She drives over to his apartment and he is not home. But Xander is.

Julia Ann initiates the sex and crosses the line. She grabs Xander and pulls him into her cleavage. Repeatedly. Who doesn’t want to be smothered by some well-crafted 36D breasts?

Couples porn review - Xander titty fucks Julia Ann

Julia Ann knows how to use her tits.

The tits come out and the dick gets sucked. Xander gets excited and wants to do some face fucking. “Slow down. Help me get my clothes off.” Damn, Julia’s jeans are tight. She needs help to get them off. Her underwear isn’t super sexy stuff. It is plain MILF black bra and panties. And it looks good. It looks even better coming off and landing on the floor.

Couples Porn Review Criticism

Couples porn review - Xander and Julia Ann in sidelying doggie

Is this still sidelying doggie?

What sucked in this scene. The sound sucked. Can’t they loop some dialogue back in after they shoot? The dialogue helps set the scene and establish the chemistry. My wife and I enjoy chemistry. Get the dialogue fixed people.

The Porn for Couples Scene Continues

Julia Ann and Xander in sidelying doggie style

The sheet is falling off no but will magically return to its stain-protecting position.

Julia Ann mounts Xander in reverse cowgirl on the couch. She works him hard. It is a comfortable reverse cowgirl instead of one of the twenty-minute deep squat sessions. ANd she works the bean while riding hard. Julia likes to work a lot of the bean.

They move to sidelying doggie style. Xander gets some titty squeezing in and hits it hard. I know Julia Ann’s tits are fake. But they look great. There were very few frames of implant seam.

Julia Ann moves back to the blow job. There is aggressive ball massage and taint massage. There isn’t any penetration of Xander. He gets some external prostate massage at the taint.

0484Julia mounts him for some cowgirl action. We get a camera view of butthole and penetration. Xander starts working her butthole while she pumps away. I guess he doesn’t do it well enough because she takes over and sticks her finger in her ass.

They move to some pussy licking. Xander works the pussy and slides south to get some rimming in. Is rimming becoming standard in porn? My wife can’t get past the tickle. She likes some rubbing and penetration more than rimming. I enjoy all of it in my couple’s porn. Xander continues eating pussy and Julia Ann adds a finger to her ass.

Couples porn review - Julia Ann and Xander finish

Mom! What the Fuck?

They move to some leg high modified missionary. He shoots to hit her back wall for a few minutes. And then they move to a blowjob. It is a long blowjob working him to a pop. He pops on her chin and her son walks in. “What the fuck mom?”

“Xander gave me my mother’s day present. Maybe next year you won’t forget,” answers Julia Ann.

Our Results

Julia Ann has a couples porn friendly body. Curvy. Big smile. Solid ass with a little hail damage. Julia Ann has a real body. Yes there are some surgical improvements but they have not been off-putting for my wife. The scene has chemistry and got the ball rolling with some serious smoke and speed. It was a good night.


Couples porn review - Julia Ann finishes off Xander

Happy MILF. Happy … What rhymes with MILF?

My wife and I enjoyed this scene. Brazzers now provides new content daily now. The scenes are well-lit, well shot, with decent sound. Brazzers has tremendous variety within vanilla porn. I really enjoy their Hot and Mean girl-girl niche. My wife doesn’t get much out of it but I enjoy it. Join Brazzers and try this scene with your partner. Watch this scene with your partner and see if you have the same results that we did.

Have fun and good luck,
Charlie Wantsum

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