The Alarm Clock Every Man Wants: Jayden Jaymes


Johnny Sins overslept and his wife is pissed. She is entertaining people at the winery and he was supposed to be there hours ago. She called Jayden and asked her to pull his sorry ass out of bed. Jayden hurried over to give it her best effort. When she tries to pull him out of bed, she ends up tugging on more than his arm.


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The Porn for Couples Scene Begins

Jayden Jaymes gets a good look at what she wants to start her day off right.

Good for you or maybe good for me.

Jayden wakes Johhny up but he just wants to go back to sleep. It was a rough night and he didn’t get any sleep. Jayden promised her friend she would get his sorry ass up and on his way to the winery. She pulls back the sheets and gets a solid look at his penis. Porn Rule #1 kicks in.

“Good for you. She has told me a little bit about it. It is really nice,” says Jayden. Once Jayden sees his penis with some morning hard on ,she has to have it.

But Johnny is married. This is his wife’s friend. “I am kind of the whore of the town,” replies Jayden. “It is going to give you so much energy to get you through the day.”

Jayden Jaymes begins her blow job

Just lay back and enjoy it.

Jayden gives him some tugs and kisses him. Then she goes in for the blow job. Jayden Jaymes smile and face when she goes down in a scene is amazing. Her face says “This is going to be the greatest thing that ever has entered my mouth.”

Johnny protests weakly and Jayden replies “Just lay back and enjoy it.”

Couples Porn Review Criticism

No criticism with this scene. The scene has great chemistry. It has a great crossing the line moment. It has great sex and great set up dialogue. So many hilarious lines are said by Jayden.

The Porn for Couples Scene Continues

Couples Porn Review - Jayden Jaymes gets it from the side

What a great view. I like nice camera angles.

Jayden works him over orally for awhile before Johnny slides under her for some 69 pussy eating. Jayden is verbal and has great body language when Johnny is eating her out. She twerks it out on his tongue as Johnny works his way around her floral print thong. Jayden’s matching floral print thong and bra are awesome. When will porn companies or porn stars get in on the affiliate marketing game or drop shipping sets of the underwear they wear in scenes? Not the ones they wore, I know some actresses do that, but a clean set that would fit your wife. Screw Victoria’s Secret, I want my wife to wear something out of Jayden’s collection.

Couples Porn Reviews - Jayden Jaymes titty fucking

So many places to put my dick!!!

Jayden continues to suck him off and work him over. At almost nine minutes into the scene Johnny finnaly gets her dres off and plays with Jayden’s tits. She has glorious tits. Angels can be heard when her bra comes off.

He gets her panties off and rims her out a bit before eating that pussy more. She has a little outie pussy. I wouldn’t call it a ham sandwich. It is a cute pussy.

Johnny finally penetrates her with Jayden on her side. It is a great camera angle. Tits, tattoo, pussy, and penetration.

Her breasts bounce as he pounds away transitioning into kneeling missionary. Jayden rolls to her other side to give us more ass view. She takes over the workload for a few minutes bouncing on his dick. This is not an easy position to work from and Jayden does so with style and a smile.

Couples Porn Review - Jayden Jaymes rides in reverse cowgirl

Jayden Jaymes has a rocking penis destroying body.

Johnny takes over the work for a minute before she rolls a little further into doggy style. Jayden takes over again thrusting back on his dick. This is some serious education for any cold fish, just lay there partner. Jayden shows how to work and control the rhythm.

Jayden continues to spin and roll before moving into reverse cowgirl. I think reverse cowgirl is a bullshit porn position; especially with the angles worked here. But the view is freaking awesome. Johnny reaches around to give Jayden some clit play and she demands that he slide her fingers in her with his dick and “Beat that fucking pussy up.”

Johnny slides two fingers in with his dick and stretches her pussy. Damn. Damn. Damn.

Jayden sucks her juices off his dick before mounting him in cowgirl. She then works the hell out of his dick alternating with him for who sets the tempo and depth. She has a cutt butthole. Is it bleached? Do people really do that?

07_largeJohnny grabs some ass before sliding a finger into her asshole while she rides him cowgirl.

They move to lean back cowgirl alternating who is in control .

They then transition to Jayden laying flat on her stomach receiving doggy style. Johnny’s legs go outside hers and she spreads her pussy for him to get back in. She keeps a few fingers in as he hammers away.

Jayden Jaymes rolls over and they finish in missionary with her working her clit, tits shaking, and he finally pulls out to finish in her mouth, on her face and hair. She sucks on him a little more. I always consider that sensory overload. You just came and every nerve ending is sensitive and she sucks a little more. It is a most pleasurable pain.

“Now get dressed. We have to go.”

Our Results

Couples Porn Reviews - Jayden Jaymes in cowgirl

What a great coy look.

I’ll say that I had been a pretty damn good husband and father and was due some serious sex. We had great sex watching this scene. Awesome, fantastic, sleep for three days to recover sex. This scene pushed the right buttons and got the ball rolling. Serious momentum was created getting the ball rolling. Thank you Jayden. Thank you Naughty America.


My wife and I enjoyed this scene. Join Naughty America here.

Have fun and good luck,
Charlie Wantsum

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