In the face of this discipline, what man wouldn’t behave? Couples Porn Reviews Brazzers’ Mom’s House Mom’s Rules

Couples Porn Reviews - nina elle ava addams

Ava Addams is tired of her stepson’s behavior. Jessy Jones has been trying her patience. He was getting a blowjob in the backyard by some tramp. Ava feels violated and wants him to follow the house rules she established. When she vents to her friend, Nina Elle, Nina puts a plan into action to get Jessy in line.


Nina interrogates Jessy

What is with the sweater Nina? Is it 1985? did you just read the Preppie Handbook?

This is a scene from Brazzers. They have 29 sites all serving different niches. This is from the Brazzers Exxtra site. I like this site. So will you. Brazzers is a machine pumping out content updates daily now. This couples porn scene features Ava Addams, Nina Elle, and Jessy Jones. Jessy Jones annoys me. This scene was some redemption for him. He looks like somebody I would enjoy beating the shit out of. He looks like he weighs 120 pounds and his arm would be sore from pouring milk into his cereal from a gallon container. He makes a living fucking hot women. There is a lot to hate here. His “Duh” attitude and character actually add to this scene. My wife and I enjoy plot and character development versus straight sex with no set up. I’ll review a few scenes with no set up from another company soon. This scene from Brazzers was a great couples porn scene.

The Porn for Couples Scene Begins

Nina Elle gives a helping hand

Let me help you. Insert tab A into Slot A.

Nina tries to calm Ava. “You need to have control at all times and have a little fun with it. I’ll show you. Watch.”

Jessy comes into eat breakfast and Nina asks about the girl who was sucking his dick. Jessy says he doesn’t have a girlfriend and has every right to do these things. It is his house too.

Nina closes the distance between herself and Jessy. “Stop bringing those girls around the house and making your stepmom feel uneasy. Focus of work and school. And we can take care of the rest of that.” And with that speech she shoves a pancake in his mouth and grabs his crotch. A great move to cross the line.
Ava echoes, “Follow my rules and I’ll take really good care of you.”

Looking unsure, Jessy puts on his “Duh” look as Nina unfastens his belt and pants while ordering Ava to get up on the counter.

Then they give my favorite line of the scene:. Ava asks, “Are you sure about this?” Nina answers, “Yes. I’ve seen this before on TV and it works. I swear” I do not know what TV channel she has been watching but I am ready to add it to my cable subscription.

couples porn reviews - Nina Elle work the balls

Work those balls!!

Nina slides Ava’s panties off and commands Jessy to eat pussy. “Do you know how to eat pussy real good. We’ll see.” Jessy eats Ava while Nina jacks him off before moving to giving him head.

Ava pops out her tits and Jessy moves to finger banging.

Leaving the apron on, Ava moves to a chair to teach Jessy how to fuck. Jessy fucks her while groping Nina who finally starts shedding clothes.

Couples Porn Review Criticism

Couples Porn Reviews - Nina Elle works reverse cowgirl

A workable reverse cowgirl

What sucked in this scene? I can’t name a single thing. Okay The women show some cellulite. Cellulite is a dermatological issue. Infants have cellulite. Supermodels have cellulite. Is it a turn-off? At one time in my life it might have been. Then I starting having a lot more sex. It doesn’t bother me anymore.

Nina’s breasts are an unreal level of fake. But they work for me. She is tiny and solid with great fake titties. There are a lot worse fake tits out there in porn. I like her tits.

The Porn for Couples Scene Continues

Couples Porn Reviews - Nina Elle and Ava Addams are a handful for Jessy

Overstimulated? Two great racks, solid asses and warm pussies.

Ava moves to sucking Jessy off. Then Ava and Nina do some titty fucking.

Jessy returns to pounding Ava in doggy style on the chair.

More double team blow job and corn cobbing his dick before returning to fucking Ava.

FINALLY: Nina gets some penetration. While Jessy pounds her, Nina eats Ava. What is this position called? Assisted Flamingo or modified doggy? I’ll call it assisted flamingo from now on.?

Couples Porn Reviews - Assisted flamingo

Let’s call this Assisted Flamingo

Jessy moves to the chair and Nina rides him in reverse cowgirl. I usually cry bullshit on reverse cowgirl. Outside of doing it for a prolonged squat workout for a camera optimized angle in porn, it has never worked in my life. Reverse cowgirl in a chair? Success.

Ava mounts Jessy in cowgirl in the chair before moving to side by side doggy style. Nina and Ava make out and suck on each others breasts. Friends like this are difficult to find. The camera angle showing off their contrasting tramp stamp tattoos is awesome.

Jessy finishes on their faces and they remind him of the rules. “Go do your homework while we clean up in here.” Jessy grabs his clothes and scurries off.

And for the capper, the ladies discuss “When should we use him again?”

Our Results

Couples porn reviews - nina elle ava addams lower back tattoos

A nice view of two tattoos. All lower back tattoos should be enjoyed at this angle. Preferably in pairs or trios.

The scene had mature women, who could deliver lines that cracked my wife and me up with a straight face, with quickly established characters and chemistry. The scene worked well for us. I had to re-watch it to complete this review.  Nina Elle has been in a lot of content recently.  I am enjoying her work.  I hope you do too.


My wife and I enjoyed this scene. Try it here.

Have fun and good luck,
Charlie Wantsum

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