Massage Porn at its best: Couples Porn Review of Gracie Glam’s First Rub from TeenFidelity

Couples Porn Reviews - Gracie Glam gets some service on the bed

Her mom bought her the massage but I don’t think this is she had in mind.

Gracie Glam’s mother has bought her a massage from the Madison’s. She is 19 and bouncing back from a break up. Her mom thought this would help relax her but the Madison’s have something else in mind. Can Gracie handle what the Madison’s want to give her?


Couples Porn Reviews - Gracie Glam and Kelly Madison

A study in contrasting body types: Young Hot and Mature Hot

This scene is from TeenFidelity. It is a sister site to PornFidelity. I consider both sites porn for couples. A scene now and then might push your boundaries but most of the scenes have worked well for my wife and I so far. PornFidelity started as a threesome site: Kelly Madison and her husband Ryan hooking up with an actress (or two or five) each scene. Kelly Madison’s calling card is her natural 34 FF breasts. The threesomes have given way to Ryan hooking up with an actress without his wife as much as with her. TeenFidelity is Ryan or Ryan and Kelly sexing up teenagers. The scenes are usually filmed at their house. The behind the scenes episodes of each scene are enlightening. They greatest thing shown is the chemistry between the participants. I realize the sex is acting and for pay. In many of the scenes on their websites, the chemistry is fantastic and the resulting scene benefits from it. Some of the actresses on TeenFidelity you recognize and some had short-lived careers in porn. The interesting thing is seeing actresses moving from TeenFidelity to PornFidelity. Have their skills improved and changed? Bodies matured and developed? At least it interests me. [click to continue…]


Can You Handle Three Horny And Angry Women?

Couples Porn Review - Xander balls deep in essica Jaymes in reverse cowgirl

Would you trade one sex addict wife for three horny women? Couples Porn Review of’s I have a Wife with Phoenix Marie, Romi Rain, and Jessica Jaymes.

Couples Porn Reviews - Xander explains to Phoenix Marie Romi Rain Jessica Jaymes

This is why we had to leave town and came here.

Phoenix Marie, Romi Rain, and Jessica Jaymes are pissed and want to get even. Their husbands are having an affair with Xander Corvus’s wife. At a business event the three husbands banged Xander’s wife and they have been banging her regularly ever since. Phoenix Marie, Romi Rain, and Jessica Jaymes are horny and aim to take out their frustrations on the adulteress. She is not home and Xander is floored to learn she has relapsed. She is a not-so-recovering sex addict. This is why they had to leave Omaha. Since she isn’t home the three women decide they might as well get some dick and the sex begins.


Couples Porn Reviews - Romi Rain and Jessica Jaymes service Xander while Phoenix kisses him

Since they aren’t getting the job done, let’s see if you are up to the job.

This is a film from Naughty America. It is part of their site I Have A Wife. The scenes unifying element is the man saying “I have a wife.” But as Rule 2 and Rule 3 dictate, when the breasts or pussy are in plain view, the sex is going to happen. has 39 sites. My wife and I have enjoyed scenes from most of them. Check out their offerings here.

The Couples Porn Scene

Couples Porn Reviews - Phoenix Marie Romi Rain Jessica Jaymes line up for sexual leap frog

Lining up for sexual leap frog

Phoenix Marie, Romi Rain, and Jessica Jaymes need some dicking. And Xander is suprised giver of the dick. The women initiate the action and cross the line. They unbutton his shirt and undo his pants. Phoenix makes out with him while Jessica and Romi push way over the line and begin the blow job.

They line up and work their way through the sexual leap-frog. One kisses and has their breasts sucked on, one gets a blow job while the other eats thier pussies. They move through the leap-frog until they all move back to a three-way corn cobbing blow job. Phoenix Marie has some serious deep throat skills. [click to continue…]


The Exciting New Diet Men Are Screaming For: Sex Before Dinner


Couples Porn Review of Simply Delicious featuring Alison Star from

Has your woman ever cooked dinner wearing little more than an apron? Not getting to dinner because you jump ahead to sex might be the next great diet. Can you imagine Dr. Oz pushing the cook in the family to dress provocatively and to work up an appetite before the meal is cooked? You read it here first: Try the sex now, eat later diet! In this scene Johnny Castle comes home to Alison Starr preparing dinner in a black g-string and an apron. She has a great ass and a great rack and she knows how to slice up strawberries. The floor and countertop get a workout and then they move to the bedroom.


Couples Porn Reviews - Alison Star gets eaten on the countertop

Johnny thanks Alison for making dinner and promises to have the furnace checked later

This is a film from is a MILF site shooting everything in High Definition with a soft focus avoiding hard-core elements. The site is one of PornPro’s attempts at couples friendly porn. Their other couples friendly porn site is

The Couples Friendly Porn Scene Begins

Alison Star is sexy and seductive as she prepares dinner. Johnny comes home to find Alison’s ass perfectly framed by the black g-string and an apron covering just enough to create interest. My wife alway asks me what is the point of lingerie after two decades together. Why do we wrap presents or put them in a gift bag? I love it when my wife comes to bed naked but a little wrapping paper is fun too. The apron and g-string do the trick and get the scene started. [click to continue…]


Anal, Ass Play, Tossing the Salad? Couples Friendly Porn Review: Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Anal Sex

Couples Porn Reviews - Adrianna Nicole rides Manuel Ferrara

Third hole access was not a common thing in the social circle of my youth.  Going where the poop travels was not high on my to-do list.  After decades of sex, and years of watching porn, I finally broached the subject with my wife.  “I want to stick a finger in your ass,” I said after having sex after watching a scene with some ass play and anal.  “This is how it is going to work.  I need to be really horny and worked up.  It has to be before I orgasm so I don’t shut down.  And we need a lot of lube.” She had obviously given this some thought. ExpertAnalBefore traveling a new path I wanted more information and instruction.  I went to a trusted source and purchased Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Anal Sex.  This is couple’s friendly porn at its best.  Tristan Taormino is a sex educator, author, lecturer, feminist pornographer, and radio/podcast host.  She provides sound, sex-positive advice and information with an emphasis on safety and mental, emotional, and physical health.  I have enjoyed her videos, writing, and speaking.  This is one of a number of educational videos put out in partnership with Vivid under the Vivid-Ed brand.  Her collection of Vivid-Ed videos are available at Lust Cinema.   You can check out here.  Compared to what you what spend on a few DVDs, the membership is a tremendous value.  The amount of couple’s friendly porn available at the site, much less Tristan Taormino’s offerings, is staggering. 

The Couples Friendly Porn Begins

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Picking up Dad’s slack – Couples Porn Reviews – Naughty America and My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend with Phoenix Marie

Couples Porn Review - Phoenix gets in sidelying doggie

Naughty America asks if your dad was neglecting this piece of ass, could you pick up the slack?

In this Couples Porn episode of My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend, Phoenix frustration shows and she melts down because her boyfriend is partying in Rome and ignoring her. Johnny reminds her that his dad is not going to change and she knew what she was getting into when their relationship began. She reminds Johnny that she has spent more time with Johnny than with his Dad. He tries to comfort her verbally, rubs her shoulders, and when he is sitting next to her, crosses the line and they kiss.


My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend is one of Naughty America’s 39 Sites.  Some sites are inactive.   Some sites have just started. They post new content every week.  Most of the content is couples friendly porn. The site is a great value and as you will see at the end of this review, I recommend it.

Crossing the line

Couples Porn Review - Johnny and Phoenix Marie cross the line

Crossing the line. Oh, the memories…

An element I consider key to effective porn plots is crossing the line. It is that moment when the relationship changes. In my life it was the times my heart raced with the realization that this was happening and the brakes were not being applied. Mingling on the couch became a kiss, then making out, and clothes started coming off. It is the point where I feel her back to learn if the bra is front hook or back hook. Is it a two hook, three hook, or the made-by-Satan-himself four hook bra? One handing a two hook bra takes talent. One handing a four hook bra is world-class talent.

Couples Porn Reviews - Johnny admires Phoenix Marie's tits

Crossing the line has its perks. And sometimes the perks are perky. Nice Tits.

This couples porn scene depicts crossing the line with chemistry and heat. Pizza delivery scenes don’t do it for my wife. Scenes that depict crossing the line with this amount of chemistry and heat really do it for us.

The Scene Begins

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