Picking up Dad’s slack – Couples Porn Reviews – Naughty America and My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend with Phoenix Marie

Couples Porn Review - Phoenix gets in sidelying doggie

Naughty America asks if your dad was neglecting this piece of ass, could you pick up the slack?

In this Couples Porn episode of My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend, Phoenix frustration shows and she melts down because her boyfriend is partying in Rome and ignoring her. Johnny reminds her that his dad is not going to change and she knew what she was getting into when their relationship began. She reminds Johnny that she has spent more time with Johnny than with his Dad. He tries to comfort her verbally, rubs her shoulders, and when he is sitting next to her, crosses the line and they kiss.


My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend is one of Naughty America’s 39 Sites.  Some sites are inactive.   Some sites have just started. They post new content every week.  Most of the content is couples friendly porn. The site is a great value and as you will see at the end of this review, I recommend it.

Crossing the line

Couples Porn Review - Johnny and Phoenix Marie cross the line

Crossing the line. Oh, the memories…

An element I consider key to effective porn plots is crossing the line. It is that moment when the relationship changes. In my life it was the times my heart raced with the realization that this was happening and the brakes were not being applied. Mingling on the couch became a kiss, then making out, and clothes started coming off. It is the point where I feel her back to learn if the bra is front hook or back hook. Is it a two hook, three hook, or the made-by-Satan-himself four hook bra? One handing a two hook bra takes talent. One handing a four hook bra is world-class talent.

Couples Porn Reviews - Johnny admires Phoenix Marie's tits

Crossing the line has its perks. And sometimes the perks are perky. Nice Tits.

This couples porn scene depicts crossing the line with chemistry and heat. Pizza delivery scenes don’t do it for my wife. Scenes that depict crossing the line with this amount of chemistry and heat really do it for us.

The Scene Begins

Couples Porn Reviews - Johnny rims Phoenix Marie

Thank you sir may I have another.

Phoenix and Johnny start kissing and her shirt comes off. The bra peels down. The pants are slid off. Finally the panties come off. Since this is Phoenix Marie, the rim job begins. I heard an interview with Phoenix in which she said that the more her ass is played with, the wetter her pussy gets. He does a little rimming and some pussy eating. Then she hits her knees. The blow job begins and moves to an excellent deep throat with minimal gagging. Gagging turns my wife off. I understand they are shooting for that thick mucus for titty fucking and anal but the eye watering and gagging can get a little much.

The Rest of the Scene

Couples Porn Reviews - Phoenix Marie plays with her ass in cowgirl

Let me add a finger or two to the party.

The couples porn continues with Phoenix mounting Johnny in cowgirl. Her shoes are at least six-inch stilettos. Dangerous shoes: pretty hot but dangerous. She moves to more blowjob and takes the shoes off before she accidentally guts him.

After the blowjob they move to sidelying doggie. It is a great angle for seeing her penetrated and letting him get some making out and boob play. Then the foot job begins.

Foot job? I guess it was interesting. Her combination foot job and hand job with lots of ball and taint play definitely was interesting.

It is Phoenix’s turn to sweat. They transition to reverse cowgirl. This position has never worked well for us. Next time we will try it this way on the couch.

Couples Porn Reviews - Johhny rims Phoenix Marie

Warm that ass up a little more please

She rolls over for some doggie. Again, this is a Phoenix Marie scene so Johnny jumps into the analingus. He enters her in doggie as she warms up her ass with her finger. I like the ass play. Her doing her own ass play to prepare for future ass play makes it even hotter. “Just the tip so you can officially claim all my holes as yours,” she says as he slides the first inch or two in to her waiting ass. Long pause. He pops out and goes for the finish in doggie. He finishes in her waiting mouth with some swallow. Phoenix Marie really seems to savor cum shots.


Couples Porn Reviews - Johnny enters Phoenix Marie's ass

Start with the tip. Yes. Yes. That is nice.
Popping out? You are a professional damn it!

“You are so much bigger,” she says. Later she asks him to gain ownership over all her holes and put the tip in her ass. That was kind of cool. Does anybody need to hear that their penis is larger than their dad’s?

There are a few bruises on Phoenix’s butt cheeks. Some other angle could have been shot of the cowgirl. I like to see Phoenix working hard on top butt it got a little monotonous. Show me a great shot of her smothering him with her tits.

Couples Porn Reviews Presents the Trailer

Our results

How did our viewing go? Hot! Everything was clicking that night. I can say without hesitation that neither of us have step-parent issues. I attribute the heat to the chemistry displayed between Phoenix and Johnny and the memories of the adrenaline when I crossed the line. :


Couples Porn Reviews - Phoenix Marie rides reverse cowgirl

Yes the hair is dyed and the boobs are fake but the view is wonderful.

I highly recommend this couples porn scene. It has great chemistry. It has heat. It got the job done. I recommend this scene and I recommend the site. Naughty America is worth the money. Try it and let me know your thoughts.

Good luck and have fun.