If Every Exercise Class Ended Like This, We Would Exercise Three Times A Day – Couple’s Porn Review of Lust Cinema’s Sadistic Trainer

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Let’s get a real core workout!!!

Have you ever seen a woman in an exercise class or at the gym and wanted to hit it? Have you ever been to the gym and had a crush or multiple crushes? You don’t want to do one of them, you want to do eight of them. You don’t want a soundtrack for it. Talking to them would ruin the fantasy. Hot anonymous sex. This Couples Porn video is a play on that fantasy with the women instigating it as much as the men.


The video is one of Erika Lust’s films. She is a Swedish transplant to Barcelona. She has been making films since 2005 and has authored a few books. The short film (versus multi-scene feature film) is one of many short films and feature films available at LustCinema.com. Lust Cinema features the work and serves as an outlet for directors offering an alternative to mainstream porn. The films are different in look and feel from the films of Porn Valley and I enjoy the difference. Porn Valley is represented with Tristan Taormino’s collection and many of the New Sensations Romance Titles. There are also films from England and Spain. If you watch much porn you will recognize some of the English talent. I’d describe their entire catalog as Couples Porn. Some of the titles are geared for lesbian couples but I say that because my wife does not respond strongly to girl-girl scenes.

The Scene

Cute girl picture from Sadistic Trainer - Couple's Porn Reviews

Cute. Fit. I’d do her.

Sadistic Trainer begins with men and women in an exercise class being driven hard by their trainer. Flirtatious glances exchange before interruption by the trainer. Checking a phone, or stepping out for a smoke results in his glowering disapproval. The trainer is well cast. He comes off as a skinny, muscled dick.

Sadistic Trainer LustCinema.com - Couples Porn Reviews

Amazingly, none of us are sweating from the workout.

A range of body types populates the class. I don’t think there was one set of implants in the class. The women are real and hot. If you have any crush types that are not Barbie doll figures, they are represented by someone in the class. Some of the women have that look I have difficult articulating. Fit (not super skinny with the vein-covered implants you can read the serial number). Confident. Strong. Sexually aggressive. Real women. Hot women. You want to have sex with them to prove you are their equal and that you are up to the challenge. Sex with them isn’t a conquest, it affirms your status and potency. Maybe I am projecting a little here. Three and half minutes in, the class jumps the trainer, ties him up, and gags him. Clothes fly off and the orgy begins. Pussy is eaten. Dicks are sucked. Tits are sucked. Finger banging and masturbation occurs. They fuck with and without condoms. There is lots of making out. It is a pile of flesh as girl-girl, girl-girl-boy, boy-girl action goes down. Do people change partners? What positions do they work through? It is a pile of bodies and the camera is constantly moving. As they

Orgy picture - Sadistic Trainer - Couple's Porn Reviews

Not sure about the haircut, but your tongue is doing a great job.

are about to come, they all give the trainer who is still bound and gagged a fuck you look. They collapse in a pile still kissing and caressing. No money shots covering faces and breasts. They giggle in a post-coital glow. When they notice the trainer’s erection, it gets two rubs through his shorts and he is left bound and gagged as they shut off the lights to the gym.

Our Results

Years ago, my wife and I were working out in this rat hole gym. She walked up to me and did the finger trailing thing. She did that light, dragging, finger caress from my shoulder, across my chest, and towards my stomach. She whispered, “We need to work out together more often. It makes me horny.” Like any man who shown to push a button to get a response, I pushed that button so often it broke. This couple’s porn scene got the job done and lit her up in that old way. I am sure she’s had a gym crush or two but I am not going to ask. Whatever gets her horny, makes me happy.


F U Look - Sadistic Trainer - Couple's Porn Reviews

One of the F U looks.

I enjoyed this film. I love the variety of couple’s porn available at LustCinema.com. I am a fan of Tristan Taormino and her instructional films. I own all the New Sensations Romance titles featured and I enjoyed all of them. Erika Lusts films were great. I am not into feet sucking or being pegged but her other titles produced sparks in my bedroom. I hope they will produce the same results for you. Check out all the possibilities at LustCinema.com.

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Good luck and have fun, Charlie

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