Samantha Saint 434 Pornfidelity

I’ll begin this couple’s porn review by saying that I have a porn crush on Samantha Saint. I have never seen her better than in this scene.

Couple's Porn Review - Samantha Saint - Scene 434 Pornfidelity

Samantha, before you get us coffee, let me get in one more grope.


Pornfidelity started as a threesome site: Kelly Madison and her husband Ryan hooking up with an actress (or two or five) each scene. Kelly Madison’s calling card is her natural 34 FF breasts. The threesomes have given way to Ryan hooking up with an actress without his wife as much as with her. The scenes are usually filmed at their house. The behind the scenes episodes of each scene are enlightening. They greatest thing shown is the chemistry between the participants. I realize the sex is acting and for pay. In many of the scenes on their websites, the chemistry is fantastic and the resulting scene benefits from it.

The Scene

Samantha and Ryan wake up. Let me restate that. Ryan and Samantha are snuggling and Ryan wakes her up with a groping. She responds in kind. She is in a pink thong and nothing else. Her pierced nipples look great. The sex in the scene stops. She puts on a t-shirt. The pierced nipples still look great.
I have had contact with only a few women with dumbbell piercings in their nipples. It is really challenging to maintain eye contact when the piercings show through their bra and shirt.
Samantha heads out to the kitchen and gets some coffee for both of them. Ryan arrives and they start making out. The making out progresses and they head back to the bedroom. Then the grinding begins. Remember grinding? Frottage? Dry humping? Why don’t we see more of it? On this site, there is a lot of grinding.

Couple's Porn Review - Samantha Saint - Scene 434 Pornfidelity

So go to the piercing with my tongue and stay right there until you come?

The making out progresses and the shirt comes off. The cunnilingus and finger banging begins. A pierced clitoral hood? I like it. Penetration occurs eleven minutes into the scene and continues with some interruption for oral back and forth for thirty-five more minutes.
The scene finishes with two internal ejaculations. But it is not done yet. Some more clitoral work and a vibrator to get Samantha off one more time. What? Get her off after the guy pops? Does that ever happen? It did here.


If you would like to enjoy the trailer, it is below.

Our results

How did our viewing go? She liked it. I really liked it. Did we watch all of it? No. Coffee? Grinding? Piercings? Samantha Saint? The deck was stacked and it won.


I recommend this scene and I recommend the site. Pornfidelity and the accompanying Teenfidelity have some great scenes and is worth the money. Try it for a month.

Good luck and have fun.

Samantha Saint - Scene 434 Pornfidelity -

Let’s see how strong your arms are? How long can you hold yourself up in this position?