The Exciting New Diet Men Are Screaming For: Sex Before Dinner


Couples Porn Review of Simply Delicious featuring Alison Star from

Has your woman ever cooked dinner wearing little more than an apron? Not getting to dinner because you jump ahead to sex might be the next great diet. Can you imagine Dr. Oz pushing the cook in the family to dress provocatively and to work up an appetite before the meal is cooked? You read it here first: Try the sex now, eat later diet! In this scene Johnny Castle comes home to Alison Starr preparing dinner in a black g-string and an apron. She has a great ass and a great rack and she knows how to slice up strawberries. The floor and countertop get a workout and then they move to the bedroom.


Couples Porn Reviews - Alison Star gets eaten on the countertop

Johnny thanks Alison for making dinner and promises to have the furnace checked later

This is a film from is a MILF site shooting everything in High Definition with a soft focus avoiding hard-core elements. The site is one of PornPro’s attempts at couples friendly porn. Their other couples friendly porn site is

The Couples Friendly Porn Scene Begins

Alison Star is sexy and seductive as she prepares dinner. Johnny comes home to find Alison’s ass perfectly framed by the black g-string and an apron covering just enough to create interest. My wife alway asks me what is the point of lingerie after two decades together. Why do we wrap presents or put them in a gift bag? I love it when my wife comes to bed naked but a little wrapping paper is fun too. The apron and g-string do the trick and get the scene started.

Couples friendly porn review Alison Star's pussy

A nice clean innie pussy.

The meal preparation stops and the sex begins. Making out begins and Alison peels off Johnny’s suit. Johnny gets the apron off and Alison up on the counter top. The panties move aside and the pussy eating begins. Alison has a nice innie pussy. My life experience is probably 90 percent innie pussy. The outie pussy I have seen was of interest but I did not close the deal to properly experience it and be able to speak to the difference.

My wife asked me at this point in the scene, “Do you really like your kitchen or hate your kitchen when you let them film a scene in it?”

The Couples Porn Scene Continues

Couples Porn Reviews - Alison Star works the blow job

Don’t forget the balls. Please don’t ignore the balls.

Alison Star drops to her knees and begins servicing Johnny with a blow job. When did the spelling of Alison develop variation? Allison, Alison, Alyson, etc. Is this a recent thing or has it gone on for decades? Alison works him over well in a measured, slow, manner with her blow job. I need to find her in other scenes to see if she always has a restrained manner in her blow jobs.

Since Alison has a great pair of tits we move to the obligatory MILF titty fucking. It has a great camera angle and Alison’s eyes keep contact with the camera to give the ‘It is your penis I am doing this to’ illusion.

Couples Porn Reviews - Alison Star titty fucking

Great eye contact in the titty fucking

Johnny gets her panties off and the sex begins on the countertop. Alison is on her back and Johnny is standing in modified missionary. The camera angles give a number of views. Alison’s body looks great in all of them. If more women from Hungary looked like this, every airport in the US would have a direct flight to Budapest.

They move to doggy style and the tit swinging begins. The scene has long (30 second plus) camera holds on her tits swinging in doggy style. I like swinging tits, down blouse shots, and cleavage shots but they go to the well too long and too often in this scene.

Alison and Johnny walk upstairs holding hands to continue in the bedroom. California and LA County have groups at war with the porn industry attacking by requiring mandatory condom use. They could cripple the industry easier by attacking through safe work environment and workers compensation. Long pounding sessions on granite, marble, and formica play hell with knee pain, back pain, and neck pain.

Couple Porn Reviews - Alison Star receives it on the countertop

Working the countertop. Is granite or concrete better for this application?

In the bedroom, Alison climbs on top for some cowgirl action. Again the sex is slow, comfortable, and restrained. I cannot think of a time I have had gentle sex like this. There just wasn’t any jack hammering. I don’t like tons of jack hammering in a scene unless it is based on angry sex or a hate fuck but sometimes you hammer away.

They move to doggy style where the tit swinging camera shot repeats. It is restrained, comfortable doggy style sex. It is couples friendly doggy style without any ‘I am trying to keep you from walking tomorrow’ intent.

The scene ends with a blow job, her swallowing, and Alison finger licking any excess. Alison gives the camera great eye contact. It is a great couples porn finish with a cumshot but still a soft one.

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Couples Porn Review Criticism

Couples Porn Review - Johnny nibbles Alison Star's ear in doggy style

Ear nibbling. I like ear nibbling but ear nibbling in porn? Hmm.

There is next to no sound in this couples friendly porn. It has no discernible dialogue. There was no dialogue or verbal interaction to create or add chemistry. Music plays for the first few minutes and stops. Moans and grunts and sex noises were blunted. She is hot and he is not annoying but watching two people fuck in silence did not set off sparks for us. The lack of soundtrack blunted any chemistry Alison and Johnny might have had beyond physical attraction. The scene had the spark of two attractive people paid to fuck each other and little more. And the sex was soft sex, restrained sex. I found the scene lacking. Then there were the extended sequences of her tits hanging, swinging, and being groped. Repeated extended close-ups of tits swinging slowly in doggy style were not inspiring for my wife.

Our Results

Couples Porn Reviews - Alison Star grabs Johnny's ass in doggy style

Grab that ass and control the rhythm

My wife has never done the naked but for an apron thing. I hope she will one day but this scene did not contribute to the fantasy. We still had sex. The couples porn scene from didn’t screw that up. The scene just didn’t throw any gas on the fire. The music stopped and the lack of sound was odd. In my opinion, the scene lacked chemistry and heat.


Alison Star is hot. I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers. I just can’t give this scene my ‘It got the wife really going’ stamp of approval. Check it out at and give me your impression. I enjoy their scenes. Each brand of porn has its own flavor and I am acclimatizing to the flavor of I am not recommending this scene because it lacked a spark. Check out the couples friendly porn available at and let me know how it worked for you.

Have fun and good luck,
Charlie Wantsum