I don’t have a stepmom but I this choice of punishment: Couples Porn Reviews

Couples Porn Reviews - Brandi Love Missionary

Brandi Love is pissed. Her stepson Jessy is nowhere to be found and she has her arms full carrying in the groceries. It is difficult to carry groceries in four-inch heels and a pencil skirt on steps and while trying to open a door. When she finds the little shit, Jessy is going through her underwear drawers and sniffing her bras.

Brandi scolds Jessy. “I didn’t know my stepson was such a little creep.” It’s normal for a young man to be curious about some things. Maybe I should teach you myself. What do you think about this bra?” Brandi pops off her bra and pulls it out the front of her shirt. “You and I are going to have a little fun.” And the line is crossed. Brandi grabs Jessy and pulls his head into her tits and his mouth to her nipple. The couples porn scene begins.


Couples Porn Reviews - Brandi Love pulls Jessy to her breast

Stop sniffing my bras and check these out!

This is a scene from Brazzers: Stepmom in Control. Brazzers is a machine pumping out daily content updates. They have 29 sites all serving different niches. This is from the Mommy Got Boobs niche. Several of the niches are Couples Porn Friendly. Mommy Got Boobs is usually great couples porn. Stepmother porn is an interesting niche. It works well for my wife and I when the scene has chemistry and a solid set up. This scene features Brandi Love and Jessy Jones. As I have said in previous reviews, Jessy annoys me but he has redeemed himself in the last few scenes. Brandi Love is a MILF with great tits and 12-pack abs. Her abs are beyond six pack. My wife and I really enjoy her scenes lately. Stepmom in control is a great couples porn scene.

The Couples Porn Scene Begins

Brandi pulls Jessy’s head onto her tits and says “It’s better than sniffing my bras isn’t it? Don’t be in too much of a rush. You have to learn to take your time.”

Couples Porn Reviews - Jessy eats Brandi Love

Get that pussy nice and wet.

She strips down and tells him to take off her panties and “Get that pussy nice and wet for me.” Jessy goes to work eating pussy. He works outer labia and goes inside for the gold. “Jessy, that’s very good. ” Brandi gives excellent positive verbal reinforcement. He is eating her pussy and about to fuck her after she gives him some oral. Is positive verbal reinforcement even needed? Regardless, it adds to the scene and the chemistry.

Couples Porn Reviews - Brandi Love oral technique

Note the eye contact

“My jeans are way too tight now,” complains Jessy. Brandi helps him out of his pants and starts working him over. Brandi tells Jessy “I’m going to use this cock for my enjoyment.” She works him over in her signature style. Brandi has a unique style to her blow jobs. She works the head of the cock while pumping with her fist. She dribbles spit down the cock to lube it up. She dribbles insteads of spits. My wife is not a fan of spitting.

After working him for a few minutes, Brandi mounts Jessy in cowgirl. It is actually a lean back cowgirl. She oscillates on the head of his cock before sliding down onto him. I like scenes where insertion is celebrated. Brandi moves back and forth between cowgirl and lean back cowgirl while working her clit.

Couples Porn Reviews - Brandi Love in cowgirl

Brandi is always happy and smiling when she has a hard penis around

Brandi unmounts and gives Jessy a little more oral attention before she provides him a few moments of titty fucking. They then move to missionary. Great camera angles are provided for the missionary.

They transition to sidelying doggy style. This is a camera-friendly position if there ever was one. Great view of penetration and tits bouncing, shaking, and being groped.

Couples Porn Reviews - Brandi Love Doggy Style
Brandi moves to hands and knees for some doggy style. A little ass shaking precedes insertion. Actually, a lot of ass shaking precedes insertion. Brandi has a great ass. Jessy gives each butt cheek a lick and a kiss before giving Brandi what she asks for. Brandi is not a passive participant. She actively moves back on him controlling depth and rhythm. Stepmom in control remember. Brandi works her clit while in doggy style.

Couples Porn Review Criticism

My wife and I enjoy scenes with plot and character. Brandi Love stays in character the entire scene. She holds onto the Stepmom in control role the entire scene. Can’t make any criticism about this. Jessy usually annoys me but he plays the creepy, pervert stepson perfectly. I am trying to be critical but have no criticism to make.

The Couples Porn Scene Continues

Couples Porn Reviews - Brandi Love Doggy Style

Hold those hips and work it.

Doggy style progresses to lie flat doggy style. Are you a No Butthole Who Cares believer? In this part of the scene Brandi’s asshole has a starring role. Brandi’s fitness level implies a active exercise regime. In lie flat doggy style, Brandi contracts her ass and pelvic floor to Jessy’s delight.

After Jessy pulls out Brandi asks him if took some mental pictures for later. Everybody who watches this scene will have the image of Brandi working her ass and pelvic muscles on a dick permanently seared into their memory.

Couples Porn Reviews - Brandi Love blow job

Your dad never did this. Yeah, sure he hasn’t.

Brandi mounts him in reverse cowgirl. While Brandi holds herself up, Jessy gives her clit some reach around attention. The scene progresses through the reverse cowgirl to legs high missionary to sidelying doggy.

The big finish is into Brandi’s mouth. She swallows and tells Jessy his father never did that.


My wife and I enjoyed this scene. Brazzers now provides new content daily now. The scenes are well lit, well shot, with decent sound. Join Brazzers and try this scene with your partner. Watch this scene with your partner and see if you achieve the same results that we did.

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