The Alarm Clock Every Man Wants: Jayden Jaymes


Johnny Sins overslept and his wife is pissed. She is entertaining people at the winery and he was supposed to be there hours ago. She called Jayden and asked her to pull his sorry ass out of bed. Jayden hurried over to give it her best effort. When she tries to pull him out of bed, she ends up tugging on more than his arm.


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The Porn for Couples Scene Begins

Jayden Jaymes gets a good look at what she wants to start her day off right.

Good for you or maybe good for me.

Jayden wakes Johhny up but he just wants to go back to sleep. It was a rough night and he didn’t get any sleep. Jayden promised her friend she would get his sorry ass up and on his way to the winery. She pulls back the sheets and gets a solid look at his penis. Porn Rule #1 kicks in.

“Good for you. She has told me a little bit about it. It is really nice,” says Jayden. Once Jayden sees his penis with some morning hard on ,she has to have it. [click to continue…]