Picking up Dad’s slack – Couples Porn Reviews – Naughty America and My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend with Phoenix Marie

Couples Porn Review - Phoenix gets in sidelying doggie

Naughty America asks if your dad was neglecting this piece of ass, could you pick up the slack?

In this Couples Porn episode of My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend, Phoenix frustration shows and she melts down because her boyfriend is partying in Rome and ignoring her. Johnny reminds her that his dad is not going to change and she knew what she was getting into when their relationship began. She reminds Johnny that she has spent more time with Johnny than with his Dad. He tries to comfort her verbally, rubs her shoulders, and when he is sitting next to her, crosses the line and they kiss.


My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend is one of Naughty America’s 39 Sites.  Some sites are inactive.   Some sites have just started. They post new content every week.  Most of the content is couples friendly porn. The site is a great value and as you will see at the end of this review, I recommend it.

Crossing the line

Couples Porn Review - Johnny and Phoenix Marie cross the line

Crossing the line. Oh, the memories…

An element I consider key to effective porn plots is crossing the line. It is that moment when the relationship changes. In my life it was the times my heart raced with the realization that this was happening and the brakes were not being applied. Mingling on the couch became a kiss, then making out, and clothes started coming off. It is the point where I feel her back to learn if the bra is front hook or back hook. Is it a two hook, three hook, or the made-by-Satan-himself four hook bra? One handing a two hook bra takes talent. One handing a four hook bra is world-class talent.

Couples Porn Reviews - Johnny admires Phoenix Marie's tits

Crossing the line has its perks. And sometimes the perks are perky. Nice Tits.

This couples porn scene depicts crossing the line with chemistry and heat. Pizza delivery scenes don’t do it for my wife. Scenes that depict crossing the line with this amount of chemistry and heat really do it for us.

The Scene Begins

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