The Exciting New Diet Men Are Screaming For: Sex Before Dinner


Couples Porn Review of Simply Delicious featuring Alison Star from

Has your woman ever cooked dinner wearing little more than an apron? Not getting to dinner because you jump ahead to sex might be the next great diet. Can you imagine Dr. Oz pushing the cook in the family to dress provocatively and to work up an appetite before the meal is cooked? You read it here first: Try the sex now, eat later diet! In this scene Johnny Castle comes home to Alison Starr preparing dinner in a black g-string and an apron. She has a great ass and a great rack and she knows how to slice up strawberries. The floor and countertop get a workout and then they move to the bedroom.


Couples Porn Reviews - Alison Star gets eaten on the countertop

Johnny thanks Alison for making dinner and promises to have the furnace checked later

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The Couples Friendly Porn Scene Begins

Alison Star is sexy and seductive as she prepares dinner. Johnny comes home to find Alison’s ass perfectly framed by the black g-string and an apron covering just enough to create interest. My wife alway asks me what is the point of lingerie after two decades together. Why do we wrap presents or put them in a gift bag? I love it when my wife comes to bed naked but a little wrapping paper is fun too. The apron and g-string do the trick and get the scene started. [click to continue…]