Can You Handle Three Horny And Angry Women?

Couples Porn Review - Xander balls deep in essica Jaymes in reverse cowgirl

Would you trade one sex addict wife for three horny women? Couples Porn Review of’s I have a Wife with Phoenix Marie, Romi Rain, and Jessica Jaymes.

Couples Porn Reviews - Xander explains to Phoenix Marie Romi Rain Jessica Jaymes

This is why we had to leave town and came here.

Phoenix Marie, Romi Rain, and Jessica Jaymes are pissed and want to get even. Their husbands are having an affair with Xander Corvus’s wife. At a business event the three husbands banged Xander’s wife and they have been banging her regularly ever since. Phoenix Marie, Romi Rain, and Jessica Jaymes are horny and aim to take out their frustrations on the adulteress. She is not home and Xander is floored to learn she has relapsed. She is a not-so-recovering sex addict. This is why they had to leave Omaha. Since she isn’t home the three women decide they might as well get some dick and the sex begins.


Couples Porn Reviews - Romi Rain and Jessica Jaymes service Xander while Phoenix kisses him

Since they aren’t getting the job done, let’s see if you are up to the job.

This is a film from Naughty America. It is part of their site I Have A Wife. The scenes unifying element is the man saying “I have a wife.” But as Rule 2 and Rule 3 dictate, when the breasts or pussy are in plain view, the sex is going to happen. has 39 sites. My wife and I have enjoyed scenes from most of them. Check out their offerings here.

The Couples Porn Scene

Couples Porn Reviews - Phoenix Marie Romi Rain Jessica Jaymes line up for sexual leap frog

Lining up for sexual leap frog

Phoenix Marie, Romi Rain, and Jessica Jaymes need some dicking. And Xander is suprised giver of the dick. The women initiate the action and cross the line. They unbutton his shirt and undo his pants. Phoenix makes out with him while Jessica and Romi push way over the line and begin the blow job.

They line up and work their way through the sexual leap-frog. One kisses and has their breasts sucked on, one gets a blow job while the other eats thier pussies. They move through the leap-frog until they all move back to a three-way corn cobbing blow job. Phoenix Marie has some serious deep throat skills. [click to continue…]