Couple’s Porn Review: Pornfidelity’s Scene 434 with Samantha Saint Samantha Saint 434 Pornfidelity

I’ll begin this couple’s porn review by saying that I have a porn crush on Samantha Saint. I have never seen her better than in this scene.

Couple's Porn Review - Samantha Saint - Scene 434 Pornfidelity

Samantha, before you get us coffee, let me get in one more grope.


Pornfidelity started as a threesome site: Kelly Madison and her husband Ryan hooking up with an actress (or two or five) each scene. Kelly Madison’s calling card is her natural 34 FF breasts. The threesomes have given way to Ryan hooking up with an actress without his wife as much as with her. The scenes are usually filmed at their house. The behind the scenes episodes of each scene are enlightening. They greatest thing shown is the chemistry between the participants. I realize the sex is acting and for pay. In many of the scenes on their websites, the chemistry is fantastic and the resulting scene benefits from it. [click to continue…]