Anal, Ass Play, Tossing the Salad? Couples Friendly Porn Review: Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Anal Sex

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Third hole access was not a common thing in the social circle of my youth.  Going where the poop travels was not high on my to-do list.  After decades of sex, and years of watching porn, I finally broached the subject with my wife.  “I want to stick a finger in your ass,” I said after having sex after watching a scene with some ass play and anal.  “This is how it is going to work.  I need to be really horny and worked up.  It has to be before I orgasm so I don’t shut down.  And we need a lot of lube.” She had obviously given this some thought. ExpertAnalBefore traveling a new path I wanted more information and instruction.  I went to a trusted source and purchased Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Anal Sex.  This is couple’s friendly porn at its best.  Tristan Taormino is a sex educator, author, lecturer, feminist pornographer, and radio/podcast host.  She provides sound, sex-positive advice and information with an emphasis on safety and mental, emotional, and physical health.  I have enjoyed her videos, writing, and speaking.  This is one of a number of educational videos put out in partnership with Vivid under the Vivid-Ed brand.  Her collection of Vivid-Ed videos are available at Lust Cinema.   You can check out here.  Compared to what you what spend on a few DVDs, the membership is a tremendous value.  The amount of couple’s friendly porn available at the site, much less Tristan Taormino’s offerings, is staggering. 

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