Anal, Ass Play, Tossing the Salad? Couples Friendly Porn Review: Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Anal Sex

Couples Porn Reviews - Adrianna Nicole rides Manuel Ferrara

Third hole access was not a common thing in the social circle of my youth.  Going where the poop travels was not high on my to-do list.  After decades of sex, and years of watching porn, I finally broached the subject with my wife.  “I want to stick a finger in your ass,” I said after having sex after watching a scene with some ass play and anal.  “This is how it is going to work.  I need to be really horny and worked up.  It has to be before I orgasm so I don’t shut down.  And we need a lot of lube.” She had obviously given this some thought. ExpertAnalBefore traveling a new path I wanted more information and instruction.  I went to a trusted source and purchased Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Anal Sex.  This is couple’s friendly porn at its best.  Tristan Taormino is a sex educator, author, lecturer, feminist pornographer, and radio/podcast host.  She provides sound, sex-positive advice and information with an emphasis on safety and mental, emotional, and physical health.  I have enjoyed her videos, writing, and speaking.  This is one of a number of educational videos put out in partnership with Vivid under the Vivid-Ed brand.  Her collection of Vivid-Ed videos are available at Lust Cinema.   You can check out here.  Compared to what you what spend on a few DVDs, the membership is a tremendous value.  The amount of couple’s friendly porn available at the site, much less Tristan Taormino’s offerings, is staggering. 

The Couples Friendly Porn Begins

Couples Porn Reviews - Tristan provides instruction as Lorelei gives Ariel a finger

Start with one well-lubed finger pushing down and forward.

The couples friendly porn begins with a classroom setting in a living room with an assembled group of people watching and asking questions.  Tristan provides a review of anatomy and guidelines for anal.  One key thing to remember is that the rectum and anus are not self-lubricating.  Use lube, lots of lube.  Wash your hands.  Trim your fingernails.  Wear gloves if you prefer.  Black gloves do not show fecal matter like other colors shoe it.  A vibrator to the clit makes a lot of things go easier and better when you begin ass play.

Couples Porn Reviews - Lorelei adds a vibe as she adds a finger to Ariel's ass

A vibe really helps. Getting to two fingers is easier when you add a vibe.

After the anatomical review and covering the basics, Lorelei Lei and Ariel X are introduced.  What do they like about anal sex? What are the turn on’s in it  What helps them do it?  Lorelei strips off Ariel’s skirt and panties and gets to work.  Some analingus (salad tossing or rimming), fingering, and then toys are used.  It is a lecture and still hot: informative and stimulating.  It is like the Monty Python sex education sketch in The Meaning of Life with two attractive women.

Couples Porn Review: Ricki gets doulbe penetrated thank to a butt plug

Warming up with some double penetration: penis and butt plug.

In the next scene, Marcos Leon and Ricki White are interviewed.  What do the like about anal?  What do they do to make it easier and more pleasurable or successful?  Then the sex scene starts.  Pop ups and some light voice over offer hints and tips. Porn and pointers: awesome.

Couples Porn Review - anal penetration

Marcos works it in with the guiding help of his finger.

They work their way through the scene and a few anal friendly positions.  They finish cuddling next to each other talking about the scene and more about anal and tips for success.

The Couples Friendly Porn Continues

Couples Porn Review - Manuel rims Adrianna

Warming her up with some rimming

In the final scene, Adrianna Nicole and Manuel Ferrara are interviewed and then get it on.  What I like about the interview is what they say when asked about the other.  Manuel says that Adrianna has a great set of breasts.  I have always liked her tits. She has her imperfections as do we all.  But she can deliver a line.  She can speak intelligently.  And she loves to fuck on film.

Couples Porn Reviews - Adrianna spreads her cheeks for penetration

Adrianna spreading the cheeks to help with insertion and penetration

Adrianna is an anal athlete.  Manuel is a reliable solid anal provider.  Very experienced is a term used to describe their anal adventures.  They go through a solid warm up and progression with tongue, fingers, and toys before penetration.  They work through some positions with tips, pop ups, and voice over instruction.  They demonstrate a number of positions for easier entry and more comfortable anal sex.  At the end, Adrianna has a massive orgasm with the help of a Hitachi Magic Wand and anal penetration.  Giving my wife a toe curler like this was a goal after seeing this scene. The two sex scenes can be watched with and without the voice over and pop ups.  This couples friendly porn film is not about anal gymnastics and camera friendly angles.  It is about providing information and demonstration to help you and your partner safely enjoy anal sex and ass play.

Couples Porn Reviews Presents the Trailer

Our Results

Couples Porn Reviews - Adrianna has an anal orgasm

With the help of the Hitachi, Adrianna fires of a massive orgasm

The information provided was couple’s friendly porn and was excellent.  The stimulation was helpful and calming.  The key take away points for me were: gloves are okay, lube and more lube and more lube after that, relax (both of you), warm up  and warm up some more.  Work from a finger to two fingers to a toy to a larger toy before trying for penetration with your penis.  Let her control depth and speed.  Practice.  Practice.  Practice.  This couples porn video helped open a new realm for our sexual repertoire.  Oh, and I achieved the goal of the toe curling orgasm.  I hope you have the same success in your adventures.


I recommend this video.  Great information.  Provided in a wonderful way.  It was information, stimulating, and helpful to my wife and I and should do the same for you.  Check it out at Have fun and good luck, Charlie